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Lucifer’s Friend “Ride the Sky”
The ancient monks of heavy metal are known to prescribe this as a remedy for hair loss.


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The Gremlins “High Time Baby’

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Beats Unraveled #9 by BINKBEATS: Windowlicker by Aphex Twin (by Boiler Room)

Damn, he really pulled that one off.

Rb for later.

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Lonnie Holley “Art is Life…”

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The Lonnie Holley Story | Indiegogo

A film about a gleaner and recycler who spins art out of objects and materials fused with history and memory; and music out of nightmares.

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Composed by Boards of Canada
Arranged by Jason Price
Performed live at Sacrum+Profanum September 20, 2013

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Was wondering when Foobar would go mobile. Link

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The Eskargot Miles “Minnie The Moocher”
There are few unexpectedly fantastic things about this.

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The Jesters “Peter Gunn Twist”

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Henry Cowell “The Banshee”